In the past we have had as many as 1,500 people attend this event, and we are hoping for more, so come and be prepared to promote your places in a great crowd of folks who love to eat out. All proceeds go to non-profit organizations, including the Houston Food Bank. There is no fee to the restaurant, however we are requesting each restaurant, if they would like, to bring a gift card or certificate for the silent auction/raffle.

  • When: Sunday April 8th 2018 from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM. Doors open to participating restaurants by 8:30 AM. Judging begins at 11 AM, with winners announced at 3 PM.
  • What: Bring 8 – 10 gallons of chicken based soup already cooked and heated. Be as traditional or creative as you like. Everything from old fashioned Matzo Ball Soup, to Poblano Cream Soup, and anything in between. We have had Italian wedding soup, Thai Coconut Chicken soup, and many other varieties. Please just no pork or shellfish.
  • Extras: Bring anything you like to decorate your 6×3 foot table and to promote your restaurant such as food, crackers, bread, coupons, menus, ornaments, decorations, etc. These extras always help to score points in the “People’s Choice Award”. We suggest you have 2 people to serve the food. We will provide all cups and spoons. You will need to bring a heating element (either sterno or electric) and any utensils such as ladles. We have stoves in the kitchen to heat your soup if needed, but space is limited. You should bring the soup fully prepared and ready to serve.


Please review: Restaurant Guidelines for more details.

Thanks again for your participation.

Any Questions? Please: Contact Us